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Everyone in Milo Greene seems to take a turn in the spotlight.

Fingerprints Music in Long Beach, CA: February 19th 2012

Anyone who knows me knows I love Milo Greene. I mean, since seeing them for the first time last summer at the Troubadour (opening for Lord Huron), I have never been so into a band. I can’t help it! Milo Greene just captured my heart. And it’s not like I fall in love with bands that easily, either. Something about this band is so captivating and their music—just so mesmerizing. Hence, I’m going to tell you a little story about a band with the whimsical moniker, Milo Greene, and hopefully you will find musical love, just as I have.

Milo Greene came together only about a year ago, and since then have stepped out into the LA music scene with prominence. Made up of 5 members, all were working on different musical projects when they decided to record some music. As Andrew Heringer, one of the band’s members explained at the show, “Most bands form first and then record stuff, but after working together, we created such great songs that we just had to be a band.” Now, they have just concluded their US tour with The Civil Wars and are back home, currently having residency every Monday night this February at The Satellite.

Their intimate acoustic set at Fingerprints Music in Long Beach last Sunday was certainly well-attended, and everyone was fully enthralled by the band’s immense talent. They opened with their most popular song, “1957,” a sunny, lovely jam that took me away the first time I heard it. The connection these band member’s have among each other is truly incredible; the harmonies and intricate musicalities are breathtaking. This is the 4th time I have seen Milo Greene live, and they continue to mesmerize me and the rest of their fans with incredible musicianship. Unlike most bands, there is not one true “lead” singer; everyone seems to take a turn in the spotlight, and they each switch instruments for every song, deemed by the band as “instrument musical chairs.” Such brilliance and dexterity just constantly portrayed, and the entirety of their set was beautiful and enchanting in the little corner of this music store. Their final song, a cover of Sufjan Steven’s “Chicago,” really brought this afternoon of music to a artistically charming close, though I wish the show had never ended.

While Milo Greene does not have an album out yet, they do have music on their website ( and will hopefully be putting out an album in the very near future!

To get a feel of the vibe that is Milo Greene, check out this video of one of their slower tunes, “Autumn Tree”:

Photo and review by Rachel Fidler