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KSPC Charts 7/2

  Hello loyal KSPC readers, Its been a hot week but that doesn't stop us from playing only the best and newest music down here in the basement. Leading the pack this week we have Electric Guest with their album…

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KSPC Charts 6/25

  Hello loyal and casual blog readers alike, To brighten up your Monday here's a handy list of KSPC's top 30 plays for this past week as well as our top 10 Americana tracks. Leading the pack this time around…

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Tumbl with KSPC on Tumblr

( KSPC is moving away from the Dark Ages and into Enlightenment with our new and improved, stylish, glitzy Tumblr! ( "Improved you say? I thought KSPC always had a fantastic, up-to-date, titillating tumblr?" ( Well, that may have been…

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  Hey everyone, Here's your weekly dose of charts from KSPC. Topping things off this week is Grimes! I believe this is the first they've come out on the very top of our charts, so let's celebrate with their first…

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  • June 12, 2012
  • news

  Hello KSPC listeners! As you may know, KSPC has been using Spinitron's playlist service for almost a year now, and it has been great! We recently discovered that Spinitron also hosts a live chatroom connected to the on-air DJ's…

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KSPC Charts 6/11

Monday Monday... though this day is usually accompanied by heavy feet and a desire to hop back into bed, fear not, good reader, for I have some excellent new music to report to you! Thankfully, our newest releases from Japandroid,…

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