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In-Studio with Magick Orchids (8/15) and M. Geddes Gengras (8/17)

MAGICK ORCHIDS Listen to Magick Orchids perform live on "The Garden Hour" THIS Weds (8/15) @ 8pm!  If your curious what these electronic alchemists sound like; there's a FREE download of their 2012 release "Orgins of Grinding"  You can catch them playing at the So Many Wizards "Warm Nothing" LP release party this…

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The Spin Doctors: 8/8

Bongwater by Joseph Some people seem to know what they want to do right from the start – a strange concept for a Liberal Arts college student who has spent the last two years lithely dodging that very question at…

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KSPC Charts 8/6

  Hey everybody!   It has been scientifically proven that KSPC DOES in fact beat the heat. So what are you waiting for! Tune in, turn it up, and check out our TOP 30 for the week ending August 6th.…

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KSPC Charts 7/30

Hey guys, Yep, it's that time of the week again. Before I knew it, it seems that August is upon us (well, in one day) and summer is slipping away! But the knowledge that we always have our music here…

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The Spin Doctors: Music Etc.

  • July 26, 2012
  • rock

   The Glands of External Secretion by Joseph The Glands of External Secretion are Barbara Manning and Seymour Glass (the founder of Bananafish magazine). They’ve released several records together, some fairly recently. This record is a 7” from 1992 called…

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KSPC Charts 7/23

Hey everybody! We are right in the middle of summer, the days feel long, but that doesn't mean the music stops! Thanks to lots of hours from tireless volunteers, KSPC has a ton of new music being played and replayed…

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KSPC Charts 7/9

Hey KSPC aficionados/listeners/readers, Here are our weekly charts ending 7/9. The music has been fresh and funky for the summer heat whew! So check out what's new here and stay tuned for more new stuff. Top o' the charts this…

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