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Beach Goth 2016 is this weekend – 10/22 & 10/23! The Observatory has been one of my favorite venues in Southern California, booking tons of talent over the past few years. The Growlers made sure that Beach Goth 2016 is no exception, bringing in two days jam-packed with exceptional artists. Two of KSPC’s own are giddy in anticipation of the festival and wanted to tell you listeners who they’re looking out for at the festival!



Another year of Beach Goth is upon us. Numerous eclectic music acts are included in the lineup—genres span from indie to pop to rap. Headlining artists include The Growlers, Bon Iver and Justice. Other notable acts are James Blake, King Krule, Gucci Mane, and Violent Femmes—what an exciting lineup! Bon Iver has recently released his newest album, 22, A Million, which has received raving reviews. New material is always fun to see live, and of course, the classic “Skinny Love” should be a crowd favorite. Another band I’m excited to see play is the creators of Beach Goth themselves, The Growlers. With their Julian Casablancas-produced newest album, City Club, which includes songs like “City Club,” “I’ll Be Around,” and “Night Ride,” their set will definitely not be one to miss. Speaking of Julian Casablancas, Albert Hammond Jr., aka the guitarist for the iconic rock band The Strokes, will also be playing a set on Saturday of his solo work. I can’t help but wonder if Casablancas himself will show up at some point during Beach Goth since those with whom he works so closely are playing.


As for some older bands, TLC and Violent Femmes will both be playing, TLC famous in the 90s and Violent Femmes in the 80s. With songs such as “No Scrubs,” and “Waterfalls,” TLC’s set should be a fun throwback. Violent Femmes, the indie band from Wisconsin, is also hopefully going to be an enthralling act. One small band that I’m excited to see again is BRONCHO—I saw these guys in a small downtown LA venue and they were amazing. They recently put out a new album called Double Vanity with several exceptional songs like “Fantasy Boys,” “Senora Borealis,” and “Jenny Loves Jenae.” Additionally, their last album, Just Enough Hip to be Woman, includes songs like “Taj Mahal,” and “NC-17,” and all are fun to watch live. I’m also just thrilled to go find more new music and smaller bands that have yet to be discovered. Beach Goth 2016, here we come!



There are so many artists I can’t wait to see this weekend (10/22 & 10/23), but I tried to pick a few I’m extra excited for.










DJ Quik – A Compton legend, this rapper and producer is still going strong after 25 years. I’m from the East Coast, but it’s always great to hear some LA classics bang out and have the crowd go wild. Expect to hear some hits and maybe some tracks from his April release Rosecrans.










The Pharcyde – These LA legends are still active performers. They haven’t released much aside from remixes and a few singles as of late, so I’m anticipating hearing the classics. It’s hard to turn down a chance to hear “Passing Me By” and “Runnin’” live.








XXYYXX – This Florida based producer is a KSPC favorite. His slowed and chopped sampling creates a wonderful sliding rhythm and spaced out vibe brought together with heavy bass. In recent years he’s been primarily releasing singles and remixes. He also produced a track on Torey Lanez’s latest release. I’m holding out hope we get some tracks from his 2012 self-titled album.








Gucci Mane – Guwop is fresh out and already has two albums out, his latest being the days old Woptober. Gucci has been a preeminent force in rap for 15 years and his influence is heard throughout KSPC’s hip-hop library. Some verses he has done are scattered in the library. I’m unbelievably excited, Gucci is one of my favorite rappers, but also curious as to what he’ll play. I’m assuming plenty of the hits along with a few notable tracks from his latest projects.








Grimes – This Canadian artist is extraordinarily popular with the good folks here at 88.7 FM. I’ve fell in love with her experimentation. Her 2015 release Art Angels is ambitious and brilliant. I don’t know what exactly to expect, but I’m hoping we get a mix of tracks from throughout her career in a bizarre blend only a few artists could actually achieve.



By Luke Sawyer & Ryder Heitz