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A Zoom Call With Five People Whose Heads Are Multicolored Roses With Googly Eyes

It’s been a summer to remember here at KSPC. We shared memories, listened to and wrote about a lot of music, put out new podcasts and community messages, created new shows and collaborated with friends at the Claremont Colleges — all while almost completely absent from our beloved underground studios at Pomona.

As autumn approaches and our summer student staff, like the leaves, turn beautiful colors and fall away from the branches of college radio, we thought we’d bring one of our weekly meeting traditions to you: our roses, buds and thorns, a.k.a. the best, most hopeful, and stickier parts of the last couple months.


Rose: This summer, working at KSPC has opened my eyes to so many different artists that are making incredible music, creating pieces of work that are unique and push me into various sectors of the music world. I’ve listened to genres that I never would have dove into, but am so happy that I was given the opportunity and space to do so. I’ve expanded my general knowledge of music while also being invited into the KSPC community. This has been another fantastic part of this experience, getting to know DJs and the KSPC community better, as well.
Thorn: It’s challenging to find a thorn from this summer since I really have enjoyed the time and effort I’ve put into working at KSPC, but I would say not being able to work at the physical station was a bit of a thorn. Obviously, considering the circumstances that proved to be impossible, but I can only imagine considering how fun our Zoom check-ins were, how great it would have been to be present at the station.
Bud: My bud is that this incoming semester is going to be wild and has a lot of potential since I along with many of my friends have no idea what they’re going to do. But also, the next time that I work at KSPC, I’ll really be looking forward to it. Also my show which I’ll still be doing every Thursday! That’s going to be absolutely awesome to continue.


Image0Rose: I’ve been feeling a bit homesick lately and missing live music in general lately. So, when a copy of an incredibly rare CD of Chinese Football’s debut EP popped up on Discogs, selling from the US no less, I simply had to buy it as a tiny gift for myself. I had a nice conversation with the seller about the music scene in Beijing, which I sorely miss. Now I can verify my cred as one of the biggest fans of my favorite band.

As with most of my peers, I’m disappointed that we can’t resume college life as normal but in addition to that, I’m going to miss our record expos. I’ve been meaning to pick up some more jazz LPs for my collection and I’d always wait until the expos to try my luck at obtaining hard-to-find original presses.

Bud: I’ve been trying for the past few months to learn some jazz standards on the piano and I’ve almost got Take Five down. Next on the chopping block is Clair De Lune, which I fully expect will take an eternity to master.


Rose: I got to seriously up my Instagram game, inspired heavily by everyone else on the staff, especially Graham’s meme expertise. All of the music was obviously a highlight — the amount of listening I got to do this summer was unreal, and I’m definitely coming out of it with some new and improved preferences. And I’m grateful for everyone I got to talk with to produce Making It Work. They all had such unique perspectives and were so kind to share their time with me.
Thorn: We had such good meetings over Zoom every week — I wish I could have been able to hang with everyone in person! And creating a music show while eating tortilla chips on my couch is fun, but it’s no match for the intrigue of doing it live and spinning vinyl in Thatcher basement. I can’t wait to be back.
Bud: I think we learned a lot about how to keep the station running from all across the country, and I’m excited to listen as our next student staff comes in for the semester and blows us out of the water. Plus, I’m rekindling my Insta-story musical arrangements, and those are a great way to get songs un-stuck from my head.


Rose: Our wonderful summer crew, and all of the summer DJs — together we made it work!

Receiving so many messages of gratitude and support from our listeners

Cats in the (home) office

Thorn: Reallly missed hosting the Youth Radio/PAYS students this summer, it’s always such a joy to get to know them, and see and hear their excitement when they do a live radio show
Bud: New students and new shows coming on board “the Space” ship this fall semester!


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