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K Blau

HI WORLD. I am here (again) to tell y’all about the glorious K. Blau/Lake/aerienne show that occurred last Thursday at the Claremont Colleges – more specifically, Pitzer’s Shakedown cafe, which made for a cozy location for these warm and wonderful tunes!

Pomona College’s very own aerienne opened for Karl Blau. She plays cutesy folk songs about life and love and other subjects common to everyone’s existence – and also some uncommon subjects. I could say a lot of wonderful things about her tunes but you should probably just check out her space (her myspace? i don’t know the vernacular for referencing social networking websites) for the real deal!

Lake went on second, playing lots of catchy tunes everyone danced to a lot! Then Karl Blau sung some awesome songs, all of which generally blended together in my state of sheer awe and wonder so I am incapable of specifying which ones, but I do remember that he ended with “Mockingbird Diet” which is my favorite song ever and has defined certain periods of my life so you should all go listen to it. Lake + Mr. Blau are both on K Records and they release very much exemplary material often played by KSPC! So check that business out toooo.

I am done gushing now, I have not much professional/constructive to say, but generally this show ruled and made me sad that I am not from the state of Washington and/or a cutesy folk musician. AND IF YOU DON’T LISTEN TO THESE BANDS ALREADY LISTEN TO THEM. the end.

-Jane (I do the show “Drain on Yr Brain” listen to that too)