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Photo by Rachel Fidler.
It�s rather funny that I spent most of October 26 debating on whether or not to go to this show. However, as I was working diligently on my Anthropology midterm, I mused to myself about the purpose of life.

Okay… maybe not something quite that deep.

But I did decide that I had a great opportunity at hand, and so at that moment, I closed my computer, got in my car, and jetted to LA to try and make it for GROUPLOVE at the El Rey. Though I missed the opener, Family of the Year, I heard they were really lovely to listen to. Since then, I have listened to their new EP, St. Croix, which will release in full early 2012, and they truly do have a wonderful sound. A folk-influenced indie band from Los Angeles, their male/female vocal harmonies and sweet tunes have made them a� noteworthy new band coming out of LA.

GROUPLOVE, however, is definitely at the forefront of these Los Angeles independent rockers. SPIN magazine�s interview with GROUPLOVE also outlined the memorable quality of a homecoming show at the El Rey. As frontwoman Hannah Hooper commented a week before the show, �We will be playing for an audience that will really rock out and remind us that what we�re doing is right.� I truly hope we lived up to Hannah�s expectations, for GROUPLOVE certainly lived up to mine. They burst onto the stage to gangster rap, with British guitarist Sean Gadd using the British flag as a cape, and from then on prepped the crowd for a night full of intrigue and fabulous music. �Colours,� their most popular song to date, began their set, with the audience bobbing heads and jumping to the happy-go-lucky quality that GROUPLOVE embodies so well. Mic stands wrapped in plastic flowers and vines, Hannah in a masquerade mask, frontman Christian Zucchini belting out raspy yet totally alluring melodies:; every feature of thisband got me hooked. Hannah even painted an entire canvas during one instrumental piece, and the last song had hundreds of bright balloons thrown out onto the crowd. Their appreciation for their hometown, LA, and for us as their fans was highlighted many times during the show. Not only are they all incredible musicians, their show was entertaining and innovative, making the whole experience extremely unique and memorable.

GROUPLOVE’s new album is entitled Never Trust a Happy Song. Their performance made for an experience I’ll never forget.

Review by Rachel Fidler.