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The Magic of Mitski

Last April, Mitski took the stage at the intimate and cozy Glass House in Pomona, CA. This show was long awaited by many in the audience since Mitski released her most recent album, Puberty 2, her fourth full-length album, in June of 2016. Mitski has come a long ways since her debut album, Lush, falling into the groove of being a well known touring artist, playing at SXSW in Austin to kick off her tour and stopping by Pomona in between playing both weekends of Coachella.

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Although Mitski has skyrocketed in popularity, her intimate performance and stage presence did not show it. Mitski is known for her vulnerability and ability to sympathize with her listeners and audience members through lyrics that stand out like a diary being read out loud. Mitski’s openers, Steady Holiday and Springtime Carnivore, both thanked Mitski for having the opportunity to open for her and both talked about the inspiration they get from Mitski just from being in her presence. After they played, both openers came out to watch the magic of Mitski from the audience’s perspective. The beauty of Mitski is that even though her words and presence are so powerful and inspiring, she is still able to pull off a cool and composed composure of someone that you could just chill with and not feel intimidated by. Mitski just wants to be real and relatable, even though she has become such an icon of hope for those struggling with life, love, and just being alive in general.

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Steady Holiday / Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore

In between her somehow extremely deep and vulnerable, yet chill and easy listening indie tunes, Mitski would chat with the audience, not like a superstar, playing on a stage, but like a normal person, talking to their friends. She even dedicated one of her songs to someone named Phoebe because she had gotten an email from someone named Parker, who wanted Mitski to ask Phoebe to the prom for him. Even though Parker never showed himself to the crowd, the moment was still a classic Mitski moment of casually making someone’s night.


The entire performance, the audience was fully engaged and in sync with Mitski. At the small Glass House, everyone was close together in the intimate space the entire show, but I did not see a single person who looked tired, bored, or frustrated. The glowing goddess, in her white button down, enthralled every person in the room, while she strummed chords on her bass guitar, belting out her most true self. The audience was lost in the music, taking in that which makes up the soul of Mitski.

Words and Pictures by: Emily Macune