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The Echo was once again graced with Emily Wells presence on June 17th. Every time without fail I am blown away by Emily Wells’ performances in Los Angeles. Having lived here she has a certain hometown love for this city and it is made clear at every show. This is a musician who constantly strives to hone and better her craft. She’s a multi-instrumentalist who trained at Julliard and it shows. Her vocals will send chills up and down your spine and when the violin kicks in you are frozen in time with the music notes reverberating around your head. She also incorporates drums and looping in her musical performances. Each experience is kept fresh because she is constantly remixing and making adjustments to her songs.

Emily Wells At The Echo 6-17

She opened up with an amazing extended new version of Los Angeles which spanned about 7 minutes of magnificent musical poetry. The audience was held captive awaiting each note, transfixed by her voice that is carried from the depths of her soul. There wasn’t a person in sight who wasn’t in awe of the incredible opening song. There was a problem with the violin in the monitors but that was a quick fix and the show was back on the road. The beams of light that moved in spectrums added to the ambiance. Emily also mentioned, “This is a spiritually no smoking section”

All of the new stuff is absolutely incredible and you can look forward to more extended tracks with more layering and builds. These are intricate compositions that were meant to be heard live and to be shared with as many people as possible. She’s an artist that still finds a way to say what she needs to say as well which is definitely proved in a new track called “Don’t Give A ****”, shall we call that last word fluff? Seriously the new stuff she has been working on is pure brilliance that only a mad musical scientist could create. Worry not though, she still throws familiar tunes in her sets while reinventing the wheel. Some of the older highlights included Don’t Use Me Up, Symphony 6 Fare Thee Well & The Requiem Mix, Mama’s Gonna Give You Love, and Passenger.

If you looked around the crowd you’d see all sorts of age ranges and toward the end you could overhear an elderly man getting kicked out for being too belligerent. Keep in mind the rest of the crowed was anything but belligerent. She came back for an encore to play Becomes the Color from the Stoker soundtrack which was then followed up by her cover of Fever. Absolutely a perfect way to end the set. There was a dance party after and also DJ Jedi performed before Emily went on. All of the DJ sets were fully spot on and made for a beyond enjoyable night at The Echo. Emily Wells is a musician who hasn’t compromised who she is to create the magic that she makes. It is absolutely amazing to continue to see her perform and continue to make masterpieces. Keep knocking them out of the park because Los Angeles loves what you’re doing Emily!

– DJ Zomb-E