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This Thursday is an extremely special and powerful for many reasons. September 1st, KSPC and Pomona College of Art will be kicking off the fall 2016 Art After Hours series.

Art After Hours offers a variety of programming including live music concerts sponsored by KSPC 88.7 fm, lectures, panels, workshops, tours, film screenings, and performances in conjunction with Museum exhibitions and in partnership with student and academic groups across the campuses. Art After Hours expands access to the Museum as a dynamic venue that presents art as an integral part of campus life.

This week we will be welcoming two mighty female electronic artists! Linafornia is from Los Angeles and recently released her album “Yung” in January 2016. “Sounding like a blend of Madlib vintage soul claps and Organized Noize inspired bottom swing, Yung was two years in the making before wrapping up near the end of 2015. Released this year in January, LA Weekly contributor Jeff Weiss said, “During a time when the parameters of the beat scene are looser than ever, Linafornia delivered its best rookie album.”

Linafornia Prof Pic

Lealani is a 17-year-old producer from Pomona. She just recently performed at the Beat Invitational at The Low End Theory Festival in February 2016. She also joined us last year for an Art After Hours event when she performed as her band The Pezheads. Madeline Helland reviewed The Pezheads performance and shared “Her songs were sensational and they sounded even better live than the recordings we had all been playing. I call myself a fan of almost every performer at Art After Hours, but Lealani Teano won my heart for the evening. All the music lovers here at KSPC can’t wait to hear more from her.”

Leilani With Keyboard

Don’t miss this! Please come on out to Art After Hours in the courtyard behind Thatcher Music Building! Music starts at 9pm (ish)! It’s totally free! You HAVE to hear Linafornia and Lealani’s beats. It will be life changing. Invite EVERYONE!