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words and photos by: Emily Macune

Last summer, Docman, rapper and CEO of his own record label Empier Entertainment, headlined his first show in Houston, Texas. A few weeks later, Docman dropped his first full-length album, I’m Leaving: A Story Narrated by Ilunaee.

album art for Docman’s debut album

 When I saw Docman headline his first show, I was struck by his passion and heart. You could say that Docman is like most other young rappers trying to make it. He raps about his life, his friends, his problems, and the women in his life, but he does it with the emotional vulnerability of a man who is putting everything on the line. Docman has worked toward this moment for years, unrelentlessly fighting for what he deserves. In a room filled with his fans, friends, and family, who showed unconditional support, Docman sat, head in hands, for several minutes before he began, taking everything in and preparing himself for the start of a long and exciting musical journey. Docman does not try to cover up his emotions, or present something that he isn’t. He creates a sense of authenticity that is refreshingly relatable. Docman constantly reminded the audience that this “more than music to [him].” This is his life; this is his passion.


Docman is more than just an eager up and coming rapper, he is a family man that takes care of the young artists on his record label. He doesn’t just fight for his own success he fights for theirs too. Several artists that are a part of Empier Entertainment started off the show and shared the stage with Docman. Docman and his crew don’t just make sounds for ears; they make music for the heart.


Be sure to check out Docman’s new album I’m Leaving: A Story Narrated by Ilunaee and the brand new Empier Entertainment album, Stiff.