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KSPC Presents: Dirt Dress At The Press Restaurant Tonight!

Tonight, LA band Dirt Dress will headline the second night of the KSPC Residency at The Press Restuarant !

In the fall, Americana DJ Karen discovered their unique sound through a show at The Smell, read more about it below!


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[Raymond (drums), Jose (bass, rhythm guitar), and Noah (vox, lead guitar) energetically coax the audience to dance while they wear aprons?] I got my first taste of this promising band when I decided to venture out of Lame Town Suburbia, CA. Occupants: Me and my friend Sandra. We decided to hit up The Smell after I had looked at this past Friday’s line up. I browsed the various myspaces of the bands that were to play instead of practicing guitar and learning to read music. Why do musicians make it look so simple to just jam out? Anyway, after finding a sweet parking spot near the almost hidden shady alley we walked in hoping we had not missed the few bands I was excited to see, which we had not. To my slight disappointment most of the bands were self-fulfilling prophecies in the sense that they sounded a lot better in their recorded material as opposed to a live setting. I found this odd in this group of bands because many had implied that they adhered to the DIY garage school of theology, making The Smell the perfect place to showcase their music. *Buzzer* Wrong answer. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. ¡A los leones! (See the sabado gigante chacal here if you feel so inclined to.)

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