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Wildcat! Wildcat!, Body Parts, Mt. Ossa Concert Review 

It was a night of incessant grooving at the Echoplex.

Mt. Ossa, (pronounced ah-suh) was an incredible opening performance. Not much can go wrong when two of a five-member band are wearing denim overalls. Listening to them feels like going back in time several decades. Mt. Ossa’s music is like having your body taken over by a delicious R&B/Pop-Electric concoction. (Hard to imagine why more of the crowd wasn’t dancing!) Their final song was epic. They were rocking out so hard I had to resist the urge to play air guitar.

Body Parts was, of course, Body Parts—meaning they were awesome! Everything they played was off their latest release “Fire Dream,” except for a brand new song with intense, beautiful lyrics that seemed to take Ryder Bach, the lead singer, into his own world. It was not until last night that I realized how reflective and powerful a lot of their lyrics are. (*Sidenote:  A big surprise – Ryder has gone blonde! And let’s not forget co-singer, Alina Cutruno, rocking the Princess Leah hairstyle. These style changes continue to make the band all the more mesmerizing.)

Kspc Body Parts
Body Parts (Photo Courtesy of “I Guess I’m Floating”)

When Wildcat! Wildcat! came on it felt like I was in a sports stadium. It became extremely packed, and the crowd was going wild for them. Now everyone was dancing, and some people were singing along. The band brought in extra fog machines, and the lighting added on to that made them look more like figures in a dream sequence. I was in heaven when they played “The Chief,” my favorite song by them. Oh man, that trombone! Enthralled by the music, someone in the audience pulled out a lighter and began waving it in the air, in true Woodstock-era-fashion, in honor of the bands performance. This was the first time I witnessed this type of tribute at a concert, and it was the perfect ending to the night.

Kspc Wildcat
Wildcat! Wildcat! (Photo Courtesy of Killing the Cabinet)