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Fatoumata Diawara is a Malian musician who was brought to Pomona through the Eyes on Africa mellon grant at Pomona College. She was an incredible guest to have at the Big Bridges Auditorium. The large space was filled  by her strong, powerful voice. The audience was composed of the usual Big Bridges crowd. A combination of pilgrim place folks, the regulars who come see everything Big Bridges puts on, curious students, and people who have been following the Eyes on Africa set so far. Everyone was moved. Some people began to dance at the margins of the seating area and eventually moved into the pit. The groove was on and people felt it. The music that Fatoumata and her fabulous band (guitar, bass and drums) has created is to be danced to. She emanated positive energy all throughout, even when her songs hit heavy issues and called for change and activism in us all. She called for love and unity among African women and the world. ‘We can’t get through this unless we all do it together’, was the main sentiment. In that golden moment, dancing, singing and watching Fatoumata’s inspiring presence felt like a first step towards a better future for Mali, for Africa and for the world.