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KSPC is proud to be hosting A SUMMER CONCERT SERIES at RHINO RECORDS in Claremont!!!  Every other Thursday throughout the summer we will be hosting in-store shows that feature some of the best small bands from the greater Los Angeles area.  The dA Center for the Arts (based in Pomona) will also be there, featuring art from local artists.  Shows start at 7.30 and run for 40 minutes.  Come check out what Southern California has to offer (and maybe even see the next big thing). 

July 25 – American Grizzly

For hardcore with a message look no further than American Grizzly. With songs addressing such topics as the faux-goodness of Whole Foods and the necessity of spaying and neutering your pets, American Grizzly look at the world around them and say  “that’s fucked up.” Add to that fuzzed out guitar riffs and tight drum work and you’ve got a good time that you don’t have to feel guilty about later. Let their righteous anger infect you and check out a few tracks from their latest album Show Your Teeth

August 8 – Traps Ps

Traps Ps are a post-punk/garage act faithfully carrying on Pere Ubu’s legacy of “avant-garage.” There’s a tension to their songs that results in a heightened energy coursing through them. Tight basslines and screechy angular guitars will have you dancing anxiously in no time. If Gang of Four were from Detroit they’d sound like Traps Ps. Check a vid of them playing at the Smell a few years back below!

August 22 – Adult Books

Adult Books hit that perfect sweet spot where punk meets pop. The guitars are sloppy and the drums are fast but there’s a sweetness to the singer’s voice that stops them from going full on punk. Influences are pulled from all over the canon, from the giddy energy of the Ramones to the off-kilter pop of Kicking Giant. They’re self-titled cassette just got a reissue from lollipop records, hear a song from it below!

September 5 -White Murder

How many bands do you know with a badass front-woman? Now how many do you know with two?  Led by vocalists Mary Animal and Hannah Blumenfeld, White Murder hail from LA and it’s members have been playing in various bands for years now. White Murder play classic sounding punk rock with a Riot Grrl edge to it. Think Bikini Kill intensity but with the Bratmobile’s ability to write pop songs. Known for their energetic and confrontational performances, White Murder are ready to close of the KSPC & Rhino Concert series with a bang and not a whimper. Check out their stuff below!