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KSPC at the 2015 Low End Theory Festival
Grace Lamdin


Earlier this month, Luke (General Manager) and I (Assistant Music Director,) had the privilege of attending the second annual Low End Theory Festival, a one-day event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Many of the artists on the bill had previously performed at the Claremont Colleges through KSPC sponsored events, so the two of us were super excited to see some of our old favorites. Here are a few highlights from the evening!

Capture1Angelenos young and old, dressed in their Saturday best.

CaptureOpen Mike Eagle engaged with the crowd on a nearly constant basis.

CaptureLuke and I had a ridiculous amount of fun checking out Milo and his overenthusiastic DJs.


CaptureAnderson Paak, (a favorite among Claremont Colleges students since his February performance at Pitzer) brought an entire band onstage. He even had a go on the drumset.

CaptureDaedelus, who performed at Pomona College last October, had an otherworldly DJ set. His music made the floor shake uncontrollably, rendering me and Luke nauseous.

CaptureJonwayne can rock a Hawaiian shirt and Tevas with socks like no other. He brought his steady, deliberate flow to campus in 2012 during his performance in the SCC social room. (Did you know that we’re friends on Snapchat?!)

CaptureTHUNDERCAT! Is there much more to say? Stephen Bruner looked rad as hell in his wolf pelt headpiece. No one in the crowd could stop dancing.

CaptureEarl Sweatshirt debuted a couple new tracks during his set, and his fans were pretty happy about it.


Flying Lotus commanded the stage like some kind of wizard. (I can basically sum up his performance in one word: MAGIC.) Best of all, Captain Murphy made a surprise appearance 😉



The evening was an incredible marathon of bass music, and a resounding success for Low End Theory. We’re already looking forward to next year.

The club’s residents, Daddy Kev, Nobody, Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles and Nocando, have been bringing beats to the City of Angels every Wednesday since 2006. For more information, visit their website at !