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Tropicália Music & Taco Festival is right around the corner, coming up on November 11th, and two of KSPC’s own wanted to share who they are most excited to see perform. They are also super pumped about the ALL YOU CAN EAT TACOS until 4pm!!!

Tropicalia Festival Music

 Kali Uchis

2017 has been a huge year for Kali Uchis, skyrocketing in popularity and releasing two new singles!  Tropicalia is the first festival that she’s ever headlined, and it seems like she’s still on the come up.  Her debut EP, Por Vida was released in 2015 and has had an intense following since it was released, definitely check out some of the music videos off that album if you haven’t before!  The two new singles this year seem to be hinting at a new album, but there has been no official announcement (yet).  Perhaps Tropicalia will be when she announces, but I’ll be looking out for some new songs!


Madlib aka The Beat Konducta aka Quasimoto aka Lord Quas is one of the most iconic Hip Hop producers of our era.  His work as a producer and MC is prolific and a core part of KSPC’s Hip Hop library.  I love his instrumentals, but his alter ego, Quasimoto’s 2013 album Yessir, Whatever is probably my favorite of Madlib’s work, and if he plays it at Tropicalia I pray that the crowd will get down!

 Low End Theory (mention of sexual assault)

Low End Theory, the LA-based DJ collective is billed as one act, so I’m pretty excited to see what and who they come out with.  So many incredible electronic producers came out of Low End Theory (Flying Lotus was definitely a major reason why I got into electronic music) that they could bring out a truly incredible lineup.  That being said, the group’s recent break with DJ Gaslamp Killer over allegations of sexual assault will undoubtedly make the performance highly politicized, and I hope that the group acknowledges and discusses the recent events and works to ensure their show functions as a safe space.


This Florida based producer is no stranger to KSPC listeners and DJs. Although he hasn’t released a full-length album in quite a few years, everyone once in awhile, he blesses us with some singles. He most recently dropped the single track “I Don’t” featuring the rapper, $k. I’m excited to hear both the new and old from this electronic music icon at Tropicalia.

Chicano Batman

I can’t wait for Chicano Batman to take the stage in their matching tuxes to play their chill yet psychedelic funk rock. Creating a transcendent safe space in which to enjoy their politically charged newest album, Freedom is Free, Chicano Batman is definitely not going to disappoint at Tropicalia!

 Alina Baraz

This R&B up and comer made a name for herself when she collaborated with Khalid on her EP, Flora, that came out in 2015. She just recently came out with a brand new song “Buzzin” and I hope she  performs some more new stuff at Tropicalia!

Os Mutantes

This Brazilian psychedelic rock band can be traced all the way back to the Tropicalia movement of the late 1960s. Although the band has evolved its sound and members over the years, this politically charged band is still at it with its non-normative sounds that always seem to work. I’m super pumped to see one of the bands that truly embraces the spirit of Tropicalia Fest!

Thee Commons

This psychedelic Cumbia Punk band is another awesome addition to the Tropicalia lineup. A band from East LA, these guys have gained popularity in the so-cal area performing their unique blend of sounds. 

By Emily Macune and Nick Imparato