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ALBUM REVIEW: The Hush Now – Shiver Me Starships

The Hush Now is a band out of Boston, Massachusetts that offers upbeat poppy ballads that can appeal to nearly anyone. The album name, Shiver Me Starships, sets an important tone as all the tracks provide an ambience similar to a space shuttle launch; but, a really happy, indie, space shuttle launch. Where everyone wears brightly colored astronaut suits.

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SHOW REVIEW: Keyboard Sensations – October 2, 2010

With an arsenal of three instruments, a synthesizer, several microphones, and a collection of childrens’ toys, Genevieve Feiwan Lee, Pomona piano professor, commanded the Little Bridges stage during her Saturday night solo recital. In a tour-de-force of keyboard literature, Lee offered a sampling of five centuries of keyboard music, ranging from the Baroque Troisieme Ordre in C of Couperin to an electronic, post-twentieth century composition of Tom Flaherty.

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SHOW REVIEW: Belle and Sebastian @ Hollywood Palladium

I’ve been waiting for so long… I bought my ticket early in July. The thought of seeing them live was incredibly satisfying in of itself. I even made a mixtape of the ideal set list and tried to familiarize myself with their new album “Write About Love.”
Enough said.

But you know how time flies once the semester starts… eekkk it’s Oct. 3rd, this Sunday! “Show starts 7PM.”
After cramming days of studying, I was more anxious about my econ exam than the show itself…. Ran to the metrolink in flip flops and dress at max speed…. missed the train anyways. Next metrolink comes 2hrs later…. damn.
Frantically took the Foothill transit, then the silver streak. Got to union station around the same time if I were to take the next metrolink, took a taxi and got there at 7:32 but even commercial shows never start on time.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Owen Pallett – A Swedish Love Story EP

Toronto’s Owen Pallett has made a considerable name for himself in just the last five years. From his understated 2005 album Has A Good Home to his 2010 orchestral opus Heartland, he has proven his musical range and incredible composing skills and received much critical acclaim, including the inaugural Polaris Prize for He Poos Clouds. Owen’s specialty during live performances is looping polyphonic melodies through a mechanized pedal, which allows him to manipulate each tune to rise and fall at just the right moment and make something spectacular. He accomplishes this with only his trusty violin and his voice, creating a melancholy-sounding yet addicting brand of beautiful, handcrafted music.

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SHOW REVIEW: Dirty Projectors at The Glass House, Pomona, CA

[Dirty Projectors at The Glass House, Pomona, CA, 9/23/2010 review]

Thursday afternoon I was feeling lazy and distracted and soooo not wanting to go to a concert. However, my boyfriend last minute was swamped with homework and offered me his ticket to Dirty Projectors show for that night over at The Glass House. And given the opportunity to see the band… for free… 10 minutes away… it’s really hard to say no.

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