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KSPC CHARTS: 2/21/11 – 2/28/11


Congratulations to Claremont College local NORA AND THE BRIGHTS for their top spot on KSPC’s most played this week!1 Nora and the Brights Demo EP Self-released
2 Destroyer Kaputt Merge
3 Deerhunter Halcyon Digest 4AD
4 Wild Nothing Golden Haze Captured Tracks
5 Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will Sub Pop

Check out our Top 30 and the rest of our charts after the jump.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Tennis – Cape Dory


Let me first set the scene for this album: You’re drifting along the ocean waves in a sailboat, cozied up beside your loved one. The sun is slowly setting, and the entire horizon lies before you… Sounds impossibly romantic and sweet, right? This is reality for Tennis, arguably the cutest married-couple band in indie pop today.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lia Ices – Grown Unknown


Lia Ices just kills it in her sophomore album, Grown Unknown, creating a blend of experimental, folk, and pop influences that feels brand new. Her voice may be sweetly pure and soaring, but it’s far from bland, with just the right wailing edge and even a touch of soul.

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ALBUM REVIEW: James Blake – James Blake


Today we’re not looking at the tennis player (that would be an odd choice for a music blog, huh?) but rather, the other James Blake: a 22-year-old British producer and DJ, whose recent foray into the world of songwriting has been widely acclaimed by tastemakers such as Pitchfork and BBC Radio. After teasing his fans with several EPs over the last year, James finally graced us with his debut LP on February 8. It may be cliché to sing his praises considering all the hype surrounding him online, but I believe James Blake truly deserves it.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Wild Nothing – Golden Haze EP

Wild Nothing is the one man project of Virgina-based musician, Jack Tatum. Golden Haze is the EP follow up to his debut album, Gemini. Strongly influenced by 1980s UK bands like Joy Division and the Smiths, Golden Haze is packed full of mid-tempo, layered indie-pop. Tatum expertly weaves delicate guitar and synth lines together over bouncy bass and drum parts. Tatum crafts clean, crisp guitar-pop.

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KSPC TOP 30: 2/8/11 – 2/14/11


Congratulations to Smith Westerns for having the top album last week at KSPC! Dye It Blonde is the sophomore album put out by these Chicago indie rockers, and us DJs here can’t get enough of it! Tune in to 88.7FM or listen online at to hear some and check out the rest of our top 30 after the jump.

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SHOW REVIEW: Emi Meyer & Anna Walton @ The Motley Coffeehouse 2/6/11


Sometimes I wish I were Aladdin. My reasons for this are numerous: his partner in crime is a monkey, he can pull of harem pants with a greater ease than MC Hammer, and his primary mode of transportation is a magic carpet. But beyond those reasons, I really wish I were Aladdin so that I could be granted one wish. And if I could make any wish tonight, it would be for Anna Walton and Emi Meyer to be famous.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Say Hi – Um, Uh Oh


I’ve been a loyal servant to Say Hi To Your Mom since I got Numbers & Mumbles for Christmas when I was a 7th grader. I remember spinning that album for about months straight, I remember my shock and awe at the shortening of their name (now Say Hi), I remember anticipating their adorable album art… I also remember shelving the band in my mind as a transitional indie band. I look back on times when I would consider Say Hi as juvenile as … Bright Eyes (Disclaimer: I never liked Bright Eyes. Disclaimer 2: No offence.) When I found out about this new Say Hi release (via an episode of Gossip Girl of all places) I decided I ought to give it a chance, for old times’ sake.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Brian Eno – Small Craft on a Milk Sea


In his latest album, Small Craft on a Milk Sea, famed producer and ambient-music pioneer Brian Eno doesn’t necessarily knock one out of the park with waves of pure innovation, to horribly mix metaphors, but he crafts an intriguing and listenable soundscape that is inclined toward drifting sound but includes a couple more active songs.

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