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DJ Spotlight: DJ Selecta Diamond’s “Top 10” Playlist

Since May 2014, KSPC has had the pleasure to present DJ Selecta Diamond to its audience. On Wednesdays 2-4pm you can check out “In Cahoots” for DJ Selecta Diamond’s mix of underground rock, garage rock bands, latin music (Brazilian and Columbian), blues and anything else that might peak his interest! Raised in Boston, DJ Selecta […]

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DJ Spotlight: DJ Cool Hand Luke’s “Top 10” Playlist

Meet DJ Cool Hand Luke! DJ Cool Hand Luke’s show, The Luke Sawyer Cool Rap Music Music Rap Show, Music Music, is on Tuesdays from 10 p.m to midnight. He describes it as “banger after banger,” “straight fire” and “turn down for what.” DJ Cool Hand Luke started in the News Department at KSPC and then […]

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The World According to Luke: Top 10s of 2014

In The World According to Luke, KSPC’s very own DJ Cool Hand Luke gives you a guide to living life like “a guy who wears two 36-inch gold chains” (from Luke himself). Expect music reviews, hip-hop history, and maybe even some love advice. Ever since Nas’s 2006 album Hip Hop Is Dead, 30-year-old suburban males complain […]

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DJ Spotlight: DJ Slava’s “Top 10” Playlist

Meet DJ Slava of “Americana.”  DJ Slava has been a loyal KSPC volunteer since his first year on campus, acquiring his own show by only his second semester.  DJ Slava’s show began as an underground show; however, when he started playing some folk, bluegrass and country music he decided to change the name of the […]

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DJ “Top Ten” Playlist Spotlight-Janette

  Janette  is the DJ for Girl Underground every Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m. Having grown up in Southern California, Janette is a longtime listener of KSPC. After writing for the station’s blog, Janette began volunteering as a DJ. She describes her show as a mix of underground with a little bit of funk, […]

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