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Scary Songs!

SCARY SONGS! By Vivian Ponte-Fritz I played some some scary themed songs on the radio this week and in the spirit of all hallows eve and halloween and dia de los muertos I started wondering what other scary songs people…

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Interesting Documentary on KCVR!

On Wednesday, August 28th, KCVR will air the PBS the documentary The Adventists at 8 p.m. The documentary investigates the dichotomy contained in the Adventist movement, a faith considered very conservative and traditional by most that also promotes 21st century medical science and…

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The Spin Doctors: 8/8

Bongwater by Joseph Some people seem to know what they want to do right from the start – a strange concept for a Liberal Arts college student who has spent the last two years lithely dodging that very question at…

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Tumbl with KSPC on Tumblr

( KSPC is moving away from the Dark Ages and into Enlightenment with our new and improved, stylish, glitzy Tumblr! ( "Improved you say? I thought KSPC always had a fantastic, up-to-date, titillating tumblr?" ( Well, that may have been…

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