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SHOW REVIEW: Flying Lotus @ The Music Box 6/23/11

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Flying Lotus
Dr Strangeloop
Thunder cat
Gaslamp Killer

This exciting Thursday night of musical wonder took place in the Music Box: a really great venue with a pretty classy-retro feel in the heart of Hollywood. It was pretty packed and full of devoted, lively young fans. There was a lot of singing along and such, but not in the annoying overdone drunk way. Although Flying Lotus was the highlight for many of the people who went, the opening acts were unexpectedly quite impressive. All were under the Brainfeeder label and although could all be considered part of the same electronic genre of music, each had their own distinct style. Thus it was a quite balanced line-up ranging from the chill trance-like melodies of Teebs to the grimy hip hop beats of Samiyam to the energized hard style of Gaslamp Killer.

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KSPC Charts: 5/30/11-6/6/11

Image And Video Hosting By TinypicDaedelus reaches #1 this week with his latest release off of Ninja Tune, Bespoke. Daedelus collaborates with various artists (including Will Wiesenfeld AKA BATHS) on this album, crafting yet another electronic gem. Read the rest of the charts here!

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