In-Studio: Collin Russell

Collin Russell creates sonic gestures using recorded and synthesized audio to create an ambiance that transforms the listener’s perspective on what sound should be, and more importantly, what sound could be. Russell ...

In-Studio: TV Puppet Pals

pic by Listen to TV Puppet Pals In-Studio recorded on March 4th, 2018 on Radio Realness. Listen to Radio Realness on the 1st & 2nd Sunday of the month from ...

Interview: Stacy Russo, Author of “We Were Going to Change The World”

On KSPC’s newest program, “Making Space”, we spoke with Stacy Russo, author of the book “We Were Going To Change The World: Interviews With Women From The 1970s & 1980s ...

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Power Hour: Episode 17

A Comic Culture Cast analyzing the latest comic book news in every ...

Power Hour: Episode 16

A Comic Culture Cast analyzing the latest comic book news in every ...

Power Hour: Episode 15

A Comic Culture Cast analyzing the latest comic book news in every ...

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Interview: Nia & Ness

(photo by Marion Aguas) Listen to Feminindustry Ep 23: Nia & Ness. It aired on Post Apocalypse with DJ Zomb-E on February 24, 2018. You can listen to Post Apocalypse with DJ Zomb-E on Saturdays from 9pm-12am! Part One:   Part Two:   facebook twitter IG  

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In-Studio: James Powell

James Powell brings experience in installation art, design, and landscape architecture to his improvised electronic performances and compositions. Using primarily modular synthesis he creates spatial, long-form works that blend elements of electro, industrial, and idm with dub mixing techniques. Generative processes are incorporated to create an interplay of predetermined and discovered elements, where works emerge […]

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In-Studio: Moment Trigger

Moment Trigger is an experimental duo from Los Angeles. Listen to their In-Studio recorded on February 18th, 2018 on the Synthdactyl Program. Listen to the Synthdactyl Program on the 3rd & 4th Sunday of the month from 7pm-10pm.   upcoming shows: –march 12th Dublab w/jenny nono for ss extension course 4pm –march 13th Stranger at la cita 8pm –march 15th Artbox at […]

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In-Studio: Inti Wawa

Mayra Vargas, is a Los Angeles by-way-of Peru multi-instrumentalist who writes and performs under the moniker Inti Wawa, which translates to “Baby of the Sun,” from Quechua, the language spoken by the Inca civilization. Her single “Cantamos Fuerte” is the story of finding strength in the midst of chaos; a realization that through community and support […]

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In-Studio: Teasips

Teasips (Angela Frances Wilson) is an interdisciplinary artist, and composer working in Los Angeles. Their practice is built at the intersection of healing art, and experimental music. Using digital and analog mediums, they investigate modes of perception, and the impact of uncertain hybrid space. Ang’s lowercase sound composition blurs the lines between ambient, noise, field recording, […]

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