Big Horn Music Festival Recap

Big Horn Music Festival: Mt. Baldy While everyone down in Claremont was sluggishly slurping podges and smoothies while melting away in the 100+ degree heat, I escaped to the peak of ...


UPDATE: Larry the Fox’s recent interview of Don Shelton, legendary jazz musician and vocalist, has been uploaded to the KSPC website ( Don Shelton, a musician’s musician, will be a ...

KSPC Music Charts 8/11

I had a big weekend moving all my stuff out of my old house and into my room on campus and now all that’s left for this summer is to ...

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Xiu Xiu / Circuit Des Yeux / Dead Rider, the Echo 7/29

    Why did Haley Foher (Circuit Des Yeux) appear 10 feet ...

In-Studio TONIGHT 7/30: KSPC Premiere of the Wild Reed’s “Blind and Brave” on Flowerhours

Tonight! 3/5 of “Flowerhours” favorites the Wild Reeds will be guest DJing ...

2014 Summer Concert Series Week 2 Rewind: Amps For Christ

In keeping with a longstanding tradition of bringing (always) awesome and (frequently) ...

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Haunted Summer In-Studio 2/25

There are a lot of KSPC faves on this weekend’s upcoming Viva! Pomona lineup — including Haunted Summer, who played at KSPC back in February. Here’s a few select tracks from that performance – xoxo KSPC Track 1 – All Around Track 2 – 1996 Track 3 – Pool of Tears Track 4 – Spirit […]

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2014 Summer Concert Series Week 1 Rewind: Midlife Crisis Winery and Endless Bummer

Hey KSPCers! Sunday marked the successful close to the first week of the 2014 Summer Concert Series from KSPC and Rhino Records. For those of you who came out to join us last week, we thank you, and we hope to see even more of you in the coming weeks! Thursday, July 10th was our […]

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KSPC Music Charts 7/14

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’m getting ready to head back home to Kentucky This Friday, and I’m excited to relax and meet my parents’ new dog! Enough about me, here’s KSPC’s top 200 charts for this week! 1 CURTIS HARDING Soul Power [Burger] 2 HTRK Psychic 9-5 Club [Ghostly International] 3 KLAUS JOHANN GROBE Im Sinne […]

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The Effervescent Emily Wells

The Echo was once again graced with Emily Wells presence on June 17th. Every time without fail I am blown away by Emily Wells’ performances in Los Angeles. Having lived here she has a certain hometown love for this city and it is made clear at every show. This is a musician who constantly strives […]

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KSPC Music Charts 6/28

What’s up, everybody! Hope you all had a good weekend and are excited for the short week ahead. Without further ado, let’s check out the KSPC Charts for last week: 1 SUB LIQUID Beneath Your Reflection [Sub Liquid] 2 KLAUS JOHANN GROBE Im Sinne Der Zeit [Trouble In Mind] 3 CEO Wonderland [Modular] 4 HOLLIE […]

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