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Michael Vorfeld – Lightbulb Music

Here is another installment from our friends at Easy Discs who release experimental music that is just that, and  Light Bulb Music is just that.  Five tracks of crickly crackly light bulb static and ambience.  A soundtrack for crickets &…

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CONCERT REVIEW: Ty Segall at the Spaceland 6/25/2010


Ty Segall and all of his lo-fi glory graced the Spaceland on June 25th, and I was lucky enough to be in attendance.  While I missed Wounded Lion, one of 3 openers of the night, I was able to interview Ty Segall, along with DJ Flesh Sweat, before the show started.   Since you never know if the next big thing in the indie world will be, well, a jerk, I had my share of worries, but I can safely say that Segall is super nice. (You can check out the interview here).

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Cobalt Cranes Rocked It Last Night On Frantix Jubilee

Well hello hello humanoids! DJ Flesh Sweat here with my first official KSPC Blog ever!!! I have chills running down my spine with excitement. Why you ask? Because last night I had one of the best groups in all of L.A. live in our studios! The hell you say DJ Flesh Sweat? Cypress Hill was in the studio passing out hippie lettuce to you and your friends?! No! Im not talking about that band! What I am talking about is The Cobalt Cranes

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