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A Sign Reading &Quot;Black Lives Matter&Quot;

In Solidarity: Black Lives Matter

KSPC’s staff supports 7Cs for Black Lives Matter’s call to action and the urgent and necessary task of addressing institutional racism and anti-Blackness within the Claremont Colleges community.
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Album Review: Emily Alone by Florist

By Elinor Aspegren PZ '20 On the opening track of Florist’s third album Emily Alone, the lead singer Emily Sprague asks listeners, and herself, “I could have words or I could have solitude/Silent but falling, what is my place in…

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Have a Nice Life Concert Recap

Since Have a Nice Life’s bone-chilling Deathconsciousness debuted just over a decade ago, the album attracted a small but growing cult following. To describe the album, or any attempt to convey its devastating potency, is futile - it’s best to let it speak for itself. When performed live, its bleakness, hopelessness, and sheer ennui bleeds out of every moment like lacerations.
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IDLES Concert Recap

May 22nd, Wednesday night, Los Angeles was shaken with an immeasurable, staggering force. The epicenter: The Fonda Theatre. But, unlike most storms, there was no calm to precede it. Instead, it began with the calculated chaos of Fontaines D.C., a…

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