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Purity Ring Show Review!

By Gage Allen Taylor      I'll be the first to admit that I was slow to jump on the Purity Ring hype-train. I heard "Ungirthed" and "Belispeak," and thought they were good but definitely not great. "Fineshrines" finally made…

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Youth Lagoon Concert Review!

Youth Lagoon Concert Review El Rey – April 17 By Mac Crane   Ever since The Fall of Hibernation dropped in the fall of 2011, Youth Lagoon has become one of my favorite up-and-coming bands. With the recent release…

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Hardcore Weekend Pictures!

All these pictures are taken by Daniel Torres. Thanks Daniel!!     by timothy lee   by paul urena All the pics: SO many bands played, it was an awesome weekend (including the Comadre show inbetween these two shows) Night…

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Art After Hours!! 2/28/13

This Time With FEELING and BEAR ATTACK! played a great show at The Pomona Museum of Art Last thursday. Remember to come out to these awesome events, every thursday the art museum is open until eleven, special speakers and performers come…

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DON’T MISS: Art After Hours 4/5

  • April 5, 2012
  • live

Come down to Pomona College Museum Thursday evening for an evening of math, math rock, prog jazz punk, post prog-skronk space-tropicalia math-lounge (?!!!) Basically, there will be amazing music. And snacks of course. And projections. Maybe even some tiny canvas…

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